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Fundraising Campaigns

From its inception, ABS has offered a unique educational experience, preparing young men and women to delve into a future of leadership and successful endeavours. On the 25th of March 1987, the Board of Trustees established the Baccalaureate Endowment Fund (BEF). The BEF aims to promote the School’s mission, goals and objectives; implement its strategic plans and to maintain and enhance the School’s extraordinary buildings and grounds, which allows the school to maintain its exceptional education, athletic achievements and empowering culture.

Every gift matters. No matter how small or big, these gifts make a difference in the school. The success of the School greatly depends on its enthusiastic philanthropists. The School adopts an acknowledgement policy to maintain a very strong relationship with its generous donors and supporters. Therefore, our established Endowment Fund strives to raise, seek and secure funds, by way of donations, voluntary payments, investments, returns on investments, proceeds of  events and other sources to assist funding major projects, bursaries or student scholarships. These funds are also immediately invested to promote, enhance and maintain high levels of quality education in the face of modern and technologically advanced educational methods.

Yearly fundraising activities are in line with the School’s philosophy and guiding statements and actively fulfill the school’s priorities in terms of sponsoring and supporting projects. All projects are first and foremost channeled to support the Capital Campaign, Scholarships or BEF Awards.

If you would like to support the school or be part of any of the above activities, please let us know by writing to

About ABS Alumni

About ABS Alumni

Whereas the Amman Baccalaureate School (ABS) is a registered non-profit educational institution founded under the Hashemite Society for Education, and whereas the ABS seeks to strengthen the ties between its alumni, the ABS Board of Trustees have resolved to create an alumni association.

The ABS Alumni, in close cooperation with the Baccalaureate Endowment Fund (BEF) and the The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), is to continue the friendships formed in the school, build strong and mutually beneficial ties between the school and its diverse alumni, promote goodwill in the community and create a dynamic alumni programme that will stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the school.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ABS Alumni is to develop, sustain and grow an alumni community of ABS graduates. The ABS Alumni Club, in close cooperation with the BEF and PTA, shall work to foster an allegiance between its members and those of the school to forge a strong community of alumni, who will help enhance the school image beyond its borders through fundraising and social events. By giving back to the community, the ABS Alumni shall be an example of the principles of high moral values, dedication to success, and excellence in all walks of life, which are the very cornerstones of an ABS education.

For questions about upcoming alumni programmes, please contact Ms Farah Hammo, ABS Alumni Officer.

PTA Members (2016-2018)

Fatima Al Masri Al Takroury

Fatma Baghdadi Al Samman

Hala Oran Sallakh
Lama Al Nimr Al-Qasem
Leena Qubein Farkouh
Reem Maayta Kanaan

Tamam Mango Alazzeh
Victoria Dallal Nuqul

PTA Representative to the Board of Trustees 2016-2017
Tamam Mango Alazzeh

Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a committee of parents and teachers, in addition to the Principal and selected people from the school, who work together to maintain open lines of communication between the school and the parents, to support various educational and charitable activities, and to address issues and concerns for the betterment of the students’ education and school experience.

The PTA meets on a monthly basis throughout the year to discuss issues of concern and offer advice and suggestions. The PTA also hosts a monthly coffee hour and talk as a way of providing parents with a venue in which to easily reach PTA members while learning about a topic of interest. The PTA organises several events and activities related to student development, parenting, charities, fundraising and the general development and wellbeing of the students, parents and staff.

Parents on the PTA are elected in an open meeting and are involved in a number of school committees such as the Wellbeing Committee and the Disciplinary Committee. A parent PTA member also acts as a representative on the Board of Trustees of the school, strengthening the voice of the parents where it is most effective. This PTA parent must have served at least two years on the PTA and must be elected to the position.

Above all, PTA members are available to ensure communication and cooperation; representing the school’s view to parents and acting as the parents’ voice in the school.

Constitution of Parent-Teacher Association


The PTA in collaboration with the ABS and the ABS Alumni began developing a programme of summer internships for MYS and IBDC students within the company network of the ABS Alumni and wider ABS community. A database of internships was developed in May/June 2013 and will come into effect for summer 2014.

The PTA hosted a series of lectures aimed at increasing awareness on vital issues, lectures were very interactive and had a very good turnover. These lectures were:

  • ‘The Truth About ADHD’
  • ‘Permaculture Awareness’
  • ‘Brain Rx’
  • ‘Mind Mapping’, and
  • ‘The Wheel of Life’


• Ticket sales of Cirque de Glace, which generated JD 20,000.
• Partnership with Fine Hygienic Company to develop a Joke Book that included jokes written by students and was included in Fine’s Smile campaign, thus generating JD 25,000.
• Contributed JD 16,800 towards the renovation of the Junior School playgrounds.
• Contributed JD 28,000 towards Staff Development.
• Contributed JD 5,600 towards a school green house.
• Contributed JD 4,000 towards Junior School benches and picnic tables.
• The PTA donated the IBDC Graduation Caps for all graduates of 2013.
• Facilitated a lecture on ‘Stem Cells Banking’.
• Participated in the flow-improvement of student pick up and drop off.
• Remained actively involved in the School’s Trips and Safety Committee, Cafeteria Committee and the JS Class Moms’ Elections