Ayman Muasher Tournament
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Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sarvath El Hassan and in the presence of
HRH Prince Raad Bin Zeid, the ABS held the Ayman Muasher 5th Annual Charity Basketball
Tournament. The tournament embraced 11 teams from different countries; Jordan, Lebanon and
the USA.

An excellent opening speech was given by Mr. Shaker Muasher, who outlined the vision
for the tournament. A full script of his speech can be accessed on our website under the following
link: www.abs.edu.jo/index.php?q=node/711 .

The tournament was a great success and everyone
enjoyed the excellent team spirit; at the end Mr. Nadeem Muasher distributed the medals and
cups to the winners as follows:

Best Shooter
Yazan Muasher (DVFS)
Seem Ashi (IAA)
Mohammad Abu Shikha (IAA)
Nada Alam El Dein (IC/B)
Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Ramzi Amin (IC/B)
Nada Alam El Dein (IC/B)
Kazem Shawar (FD MOE)
Jude Khalaf (IAA)
Best Defender
Oun Jumaa (IAA)
Zara Saliba (ABS)
First Place
International Academy  / Beirut
International Academy  / Beirut
Second Place
Delaware Valley Friends School
International Academy Amman
Third Place
International Academy Amman
Amman Baccalaureate School

 At the end our many thanks to all staff and students who helped in organizing this successful
tournament and special thanks to Zeyad Habash and Abdel Razzaq Najjar.