Grade 12 University Acceptances

I am also delighted to share with you a summary of our Grade 12 university placements and offers to date. The class of 2017 has done exceptionally well indeed  across the board.


In the UK, the students have offers from  18 out of the 24 members of the ''Russell Group", which comprises the absolute best research based institutions in the UK. Indeed, our students have collectively received over 100 offers from these prestigious institutions, including from  University College London, Durham,  Bristol, the University of Edinburgh and King’s College London to name just a few.  In addition, we have 5 offers from the University of Bath, further developing this important relationship.


We received, as usual, very strong placements from the United States, with placements being given from 'Ivy League' institutions, such as Harvard(1) and the University of Pennsylvania (1) as well as Brown University. We also received many strong placements from "selective universities ", such as Stanford, Georgia Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon, Michigan-Ann Arbor, New York University and UCLA, with many other equally prestigious placements at colleges such as the American University, Washington DC, Purdue, Bentley, George Washington, Rutgers and Parsons.


We are also absolutely delighted with our offers from Canada this year, with all the most competitive institutions offering placements to our students, including the University of Toronto, Queens University, Ryerson, Trent, Concordia, Waterloo and the University of British Columbia. On a final note, our class of 2017, received no fewer than 12 prestigious offers of placement at McGill University.


Congratulations to all the students, their parents, their teachers and counsellors, who have supported them so effectively with these tremendous offers and placements! Please click here  for a summary of the 2017 University placements and offers.

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